Girls on the Run 5k Race Day Volunteer

Sunday, May 7th, 2023 from 6:30am to 12:00pm (CT)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


At the heart of Girls on the Run are amazing volunteers whose commitment and passion impact the lives of thousands of girls each year. We are in need of people just like you to make our Spring 2023 5K race a huge success!

There are several volunteer role opportunities available for individuals, groups, or organizations. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities available on race day.

Back Pack:  

Check-in time:  8:15am

Shift ends:  Approximately 10:15am

The Back Pack functions as what is traditionally called the sweep, a group that acts as the tail end of a race. This group will follow the last wave out at the start, and be the very last 5K participants to cross the finish line. As such, they will be responsible for: ensuring all other 5K participants are also safely making their way to the finish line, cheering on and motivating the 5K participants they are following, and informing the Midway Inspirational Crew & Water Stop teams that they can break down their area and make their way back to Race Village.

Environmental Stewards:  

Check-in time:  8:00am

Shift ends:  When event ends, roughly 11:00am

Your role will help monitor recycling and trash containers, monitor bathroom cleanliness, and ensure the park is kept clean & litter-free during the event.  

Finish Line & Wave:  

Check-in time:  8:30am

Shift ends:  When the last person crosses the finish line (approximately 10:15am). 

Finish Line & Wave volunteers have several responsibilities: 1) Release runners at the Start Line in intervals to ensure a safe race for all; 2) Set up and distribute post-race food and water to race participants; 3) Ensure the safety of runners and observers by keeping the race chute clear.

Midway Inspirational Crew:

Check-in time: 8:15am, to be at the turnaround when the race begins at 9:00am.

Shift ends:  When the Back Pack comes by with the final runners (approximately 10:15am).

Midway Inspirational Crew members have TWO important duties: Ensure 5k race participants stay safely on course at the turnaround point and keep participants motivated and moving. Be creative! You can make and bring your own inspirational poster boards, paint your faces, or dress up as your favorite superhero. Cheering, laughing, and jumping with excitement is highly encouraged - anything to bring a smile to the runners' faces!  

Parking Monitor:  

Check-in time:  6:30am  

Shift ends:  Roughly 10:00am

Your role is to ensure everyone is safe by directing traffic & guiding guests to designated parking areas. Volunteers with experience in this role would be highly appreciated.

Race Course Water Stop:  

Check-in time:  8:15am, to be fully set up at the stop when the race begins at 9:00am.

Shift ends:  When the Back Pack comes by with the final runners (approximately 10:15am). 

This team is responsible for making sure thirsty runners are hydrated! Your role will be to set up the materials at the water stop, fill water cups in preparation for runners, distribute them as needed, clean up the area and trail around the stop, and tear the materials down. 

Race Route Champions:    

Check-in time:  8:15am, with time for dispersal along the route, to line the full 1.5 miles along the out-and-back route.

Shift ends:  After final runners finish (approximately 10:15 am). 

As a Race Route Champion, YOU are the cheerleader for our 5k participants. Your goal is to create an ultra-positive, motivating, and special experience for everyone running, walking or skipping their way to the finish line. Everyone deserves encouragement on race day. This is your chance to create a special moment for someone they will remember for the rest of their lives. Race Route Champions are encouraged to create inspiring posters, special cheers, dress in a theme (disco, superhero, Fiesta, etc.), or play music (age-appropriate please) on your own Bluetooth speaker.  

Set-up Crew & Race Village Support:  

Check-in time:  6:45am

Shift ends: Approximately 9:30am  

The set-up crew is key to getting the event off to a smooth start. Activities include unloading the U-Haul, setting up tents and other materials in the Star Power Zone, organizing booths and team tables, and hanging signs.  After set-up, volunteers will help direct race participants and families around the area and answer questions.

Star Power Zone:

Check-in time:  7:00am

Shift ends:  Approximately 10:00am

This is where all participants and family members can get ready to celebrate the day!  Areas within the Zone include Hair Stop, Cheer Gear, Attitude of Gratitude, Selfie Station, Bling Your Bib, Tell Us a Story, and more. Zone opens at 8:00am and may remain open until the medal ceremony, when tear down of your station begins.

Tear-down Crew:  

Check-in time:  10:00am

Shift ends: When U-Haul is loaded at storage and at GOTRBC office, approximately 1:00pm.

The tear-down crew packs up the U-Haul, and then follows the U-Haul and staff to the GOTRBC storage facility and GOTRBC office, where they help unload the materials.

Opens Feb 1, 2023 12:00am
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