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There are many reasons why an individual may want to volunteer with us at the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC). We are proud to have a diverse group of volunteers, from college students with career goals in the health care industry looking to gain experience to retirees wanting to give back to the community. Volunteering at UTMC makes an incredible impact and we are grateful for each person who chooses to serve with us!


Call us at 419.383.6330 or email volunteerservices@utoledo.edu. We are currently accepting applicants 18 and older. For additional information about the requirements and application process, please visit the procedure page or see the Volunteer Requirements Policy.


Please be aware that the process to be cleared before beginning to volunteer generally takes a few weeks. This can take more or less time, depending on how quickly applicants do the requirements, and the volume of volunteers applying.


We need volunteers to help in different areas. Although the specific positions below are not always open, here are some examples of roles a volunteer might have:

  • Liaison Assistants greet patients and guests upon arrival, answer questions about the hospital, give directions, and assist with the registration line.
  • Gift Shop Volunteers work in the hospital gift shop located in the main lobby of the hospital building. Volunteers help customers, work the register, take phone calls, and make deliveries. 
  • Surgery Waiting Room Volunteers help our surgery staff by attending to patient and visitors, maintaining a peaceful environment in the waiting area, answering phone calls, and escorting patients to their surgery location.
  • Clerical Office Volunteers support clerical and clinical staff with office tasks including answering phones, labeling charts, filing, faxing, and making deliveries, while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.
Opens Feb 2, 2023 2:05pm
Age Limit
18 and up
Background check, Training, Other
Requirement Details

Volunteer Services will provide applicants with current requirements when applying.

  1. Interested candidates are required to complete an application with Volunteer Services.
  2. The application process includes but is not limited to the following: background check, medical screening appointment (to confirm UTMC required immunizations), onboarding information and review, and additional training as determined by Volunteer Services.
  3. When a candidate is approved to volunteer, Volunteer Services will assess current needs and compare them to the volunteer’s interests, capabilities, and schedule availability. If a volunteer is not cleared, or if a volunteer is not being placed due to capacity concerns or restrictions, they will be advised of this by Volunteer Services and will not be placed.
  4. Upon placement in a role, the volunteer will be connected to the assigned department. The department director or supervisors will provide scheduling information, orientation, department specific training, and continuing education.
Volunteers are eligible to receive a meal voucher when serving a shift.
Parking Details
Volunteers are required to register their vehicle and obtain a volunteer permit, parking in specific lots. The volunteer "H" permit is free to non-UT student volunteers.
Sustainable Development Goals
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