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RIVERSPORT River Protectors Oklahoma River Clean Up

Join RIVERSPORT River Protectors in removing single use plastics, Styrofoam, and other litter from the Oklahoma River. Keeping waterways clean is a challenge across the country, especially in urban areas. With your help, we are making and impact! In addition to removing the litter, our volunteers catalogue it through the Litterati app to help identify the sources so the problem can be addressed Grab a group of friends or bring a group from your office or community group for a meaningful day of teamwork as we work to keep the Oklahoma River at its beset. 

RIVERSPORT River Protectors will provide the cleanup supplies which include:
Grabbers - Lowes buckets - Burlap coffee bags from eote coffee - zip ties to close/ secure the burlap coffee bags - we have an onsite dumpster to drop the trash after the cleanup.

What to wear / bring:

  • Outdoor work clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Gloves if you prefer. We suggest only picking up litter with the grabbers.
  • Closed toed shoes.
  • Sunscreen/ Bug spray
  • Bring a reusable water bottle

The timeline is 2 hours +/- depending on group size.
The work area is on the north bank of the Oklahoma River which offers easy access to collect litter.

Litter pick up supplies including grabbers, buckets, and coffee bean bags (rather than plastic bags) are provided via local donations from local Lowes stores and Eôte’ Coffee.

Thank you!

16 Positions Filled | 11 Impacts | 80 Hours