Baileys Pre-Opening Prep Volunteer Day

Sunday, March 24th, 2024 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm (ET)


Join us for a volunteer event at the Baileys Trail System!! The Baileys Trail System currently features 58 miles of trail in the Wayne National Forest and will be 88 miles upon completion. To learn more about the Baileys Trail System, visit our website:

Help us get ready for the trails to reopen for mountain bikes for the season! This volunteer event is on Sunday, March 24th, 2024. Registered volunteers will meet Trail Crew Leaders at 1 PM at the Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead (8433 West Bailey Road, Millfield, OH 45761) of the Baileys Trail System. Once at the work site, volunteer projects can range in intensity. Rock armoring is a more strenuous task; shaping trail drainage is a moderate task; and brushing is a low-intensity to moderate task.

Volunteers should be prepared to hike over rugged terrain while carrying tools and wearing personal protective equipment (including hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves). Volunteers may encounter dirt & mud and get sweaty & dirty while volunteering. There is generally good cell phone coverage throughout the trail system; however, volunteer projects may be in locations with poor to no cell phone service.

A typical volunteer event at the Baileys Trail System begins with a group meeting at the Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead. We will gather the group to review the day's plan, discuss safety, and sign volunteer forms. The Chauncey-Dover Park Trailhead has a restroom and will be the last opportunity to use one before heading out on the trails. 

Depending on the project location, groups may drive an additional ten or fewer miles from the trailhead to the workday access point (as instructed by group leaders). Group Leaders will then pass out personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools, and the group will hike to the work site. A typical hike to the work site is 1-4 miles on trails or Forest Service access roads. The hiking ranges from easy to moderate terrain, and it can feel strenuous when carrying a trail tool. 

Volunteers should wear:

  • Closed-toed shoes with good ankle support

  • Long pants 

  • Weather-appropriate clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty or sweaty

Volunteers should bring:

  • Water bottle 

  • Snack(s)

  • Day Pack

                             ORCA will provide all tools and personal protective equipment. 

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