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Films for the Forest Volunteer

Thursday, April 13th, 2017 to Sunday, April 1st, 2018
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your impact!



Rainforest Partnership based in Austin, Texas is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and regenerate tropical rainforests by working with the people of the forests to develop sustainable livelihoods that empower and respect both people and nature.

Tropical rainforests are the oldest and most complex land-based ecosystems on earth. By fostering collaborative partnerships directly with rainforest communities, and around the globe, we connect, create and leverage innovative opportunities to protect the forest.

Films for the Forest is an annual international short film contest created by Rainforest Partnership. Winning films are screened as a part of SXSW Film Festival Community Film Screenings in March.

We are looking for Films for the Forest (F3) volunteers who are interested in contributing their skills, expertise and passion to the wonderful cause of protecting rainforests and adding to the growth of an international organization.

Responsibilities include:

- Developing competition theme and categories, establishing filmmaker selection criteria and picking judges for the event

- Film maker outreach: Reaching out to potential filmmakers (film schools, film forums, RP social media etc) across the world and promote the F3 competition

- Coordinating with and selection of participant entries based on the selection criteria

- Coordinating with the judges for final shortlisting of the films

- Coordinating with SXSW Community Screenings for the event logistics such as time & date of the event and submitting winning films in the desired format

- Managing and coordinating with other volunteers working on F3

- Designing the flow of the winning films which are going to be screened and get the CDs ready in the desired format

- Managing the F3 website

- Working with the Director for Strategic Alliances to get sponsors/partners for the festival with the goal of generating operating revenue for RP’s on the ground work

- Arranging a meaningful reception to accompany our SXSW Community Screening

- Uploading winning films on Vimeo, Website and Youtube Channel

What you will get from this opportunity:

  • An ability to work in a growing international NGO with a unique model of working
  • You will gain experience in International Development
  • The experience to work in a position of real responsibility
  • An ability to own your designated work portfolio, and learn hands on project management, time management, ability to collaborate with highly skilled staff and volunteers
  • Work in a fun, high energy, positive, collaborative and diverse work environment

If this position interests you, please send a copy of your resume to We look forward to hearing from you!

Location: 800 W 34th St, Austin, TX 78705