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Operations Director

Monday, July 2nd to Friday, August 24th, 2018
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your impact!


SupervisorOmar Bah

Position Summary: The Operations Director will coordinate logistics for Camp RYSE and support staff as they engage with students learning English. This position will report to Omar Bah and work closely with Hayk Balayan to document and process camp expenses.

Essential Responsibilities:


  • Conduct home visits to refugee families to provide translated registration documents and answer questions about Camp.

  • Inventory Camp supplies housed at 155 Harrison Street and collaborate with local schools and faith-based organizations to arrange in-kind donations of needed supplies.

  • Attend meetings with the Office of Economic Opportunity to learn workforce development curriculum for youth staff.

Staff Orientation:

  • Plan and conduct workshops for Camp Counselors on Camp values, student discipline, and best practices for teaching ELL students.

  • Participate fully in all safety workshops and professional development opportunities.

Summer Program:

  • Hold all-staff meetings each morning to distribute materials and important news.

  • Build relationships with families to effectively organize transportation, programming, permission slips, and evaluations of behavioral and academic progress for students.

  • Assist Hayk Balayan with documentation and processing of camp expenses.

  • Advise Senior Counselors (undergraduates from Brown, RIC, and CCRI) and Junior Counselors (high school students who have attended camp) on how to improve lessons and class morale.

  • Contribute to Camp through energy, leadership, and participation in daily opening circles, all-camp activities, snack and lunch coordination, and other enrichment activities.

  • Manage required documents for RDC’s participation in Mayor Elorza’s One Providence for Youth program.


  • Develop Annual Camp Report through soliciting qualitative and quantitative data from Camp staff and campers, as well as contributing a “Director Statement” to open the document.

  • Evaluate Camper experiences through exit interviews with families.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Communicates effectively through speaking, listen, and writing in a timely manner.

  • Supervisory skills, including the ability to manage personnel and solve interpersonal conflicts.

  • Teamwork skills, working cooperatively to set goals, resolve problems, and track data.

  • Intermediate to advanced Microsoft and Excel computer skills.

  • Ability to lift 10-20 lbs.