Join an SGA Committee

This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


You will record your hours whenever you complete work for a committee. You can expect to earn about 10 hours each semester on these committees. 

SGA Committees are a great way for students to sit with some college Execs and experience what it is like to serve on a committee. Students should take the committee they are on seriously and remain committed the entire semester.

Below are the available committees to join. Email Dante Moncrieffe (Chief of Staff for SGA) at with your committee preference.

Student Publications Board (2018-2019)
Positions needed: Voting student at-large

This Board only meets to interview & select the editor-in-chief and the faculty advisor of the student publications when there are vacancies. We have candidates for the editor of the Owl Newspaper and we need to fill the student-at-large positions so that we can schedule the interviews with the Board.

Student Elections Board (2018-2019)
Positions needed: Voting student at-large

This Board meets in the Spring Semester by the 4th week and once or twice after the first meeting as needed and after the elections if there are any elections complaints. In addition, the Board meets for Special Election in the Fall semester.

Campus Activity Board Selection Committee (2018-2019)
Positions needed: Voting student at-large

This Board meets no later than the 15th week of the Spring semester to interview and select the CAB president.

Traffic Appeals Board (2018-2019)
Position needed: Voting student at-large

This Board has a say on all traffic appeals that are reviewed.

Faculty Senate (2018-2019)
Positions needed: Voting student at-large
This organization represents the faculty at Prince George's Community College and looks for student input on their decision-making.
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Klya Johnson wrote on February 20th, 2019

Mr. Matt what if I am a Senator and dedicate 6 hours+ a week does that count toward my hours?

GivePulse profile picture of Matt Cuozzo Matt Cuozzo  2 years ago
Yes! Please record!