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Thursday, October 25th, 2018 from 6:30am to 7:30pm (CT)


Here is a link to a description of this terrific program on our NTEN RSVP page:


Thanks to Capital Factory, we have all our AV equipment and onsite tech support as needed. We anticipate Capital Factory will probably record/live broadcast the program, which would be awesome. Volunteer needs include the following (some slots have been taken care of):

1) Ordering pizza and drinks and having those delivered (you will be reimbursed by NTEN, please coordinate with our Administrator, thanks) DALE

2) Setting out NTEN swag for guests DALE

3) Sharing the event notification on your social media from now through the date of the event (lots of volunteer help needed here - thank you!) CAROLYN

4) Introduction of our guest speaker from Mighty Citizen, and brief welcoming remarks including mention of the 19NTC NTEN nptech conference SUSANNAH

5) Gift for our guest speaker STACY and TRIANON COFFEE

6) Clean up afterward EVERYONE

7) Follow-up reporting to NTEN DALE

Thanks, everyone! This was a great event!

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