Signature Chefs Auction

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 from 8:00am to 11:00pm


This signature event celebrates top chefs from northwest Arkansas featuring tastings of their creations for our supporters. The dynamic, interactive cocktail party features local flavors and includes an exciting Live and Silent Auction. Join us as we showcase the culinary excellence of Northwest Arkansas' finest chefs in support of the March of dimes mission to fight for the health of all moms and babies.


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Shifts (34)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
Set Up Lead8:00am (CT)2:00pm (CT)Lead set up crew and work with volunteers regarding assigned duties.1/1Over
Set up: Tables and Chairs8:30am (CT)1:30pm (CT)Set up tables and chairs in dining area, chefs stations, auction and VIP room.1/10Over
Set Up: Auction10:00am (CT)2:00pm (CT)Set up and arrange auction packages.2/6Over
Set Up: Table Decorations10:00am (CT)2:00pm (CT)Responsible to table presentation including arranging linens, centerpieces, etc.0/6Over
Set Up: Chefs Stations/Beverage Stations11:00am (CT)2:00pm (CT)Set up and arrange chef stations.2/4Over
Set Up: VIP Area11:00am (CT)2:00pm (CT)Set up and arrange VIP Party. Including stuffing and arranging VIP Gift Bags3/6Over
Set Up: Check In12:00pm (CT)2:00pm (CT)Set Up and arrange check in area.0/2Over
Chef Volunteer4:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Assist chefs with needs, including set up at stations and stocking stations during event with...1/6Over
Chef Volunteer Leader4:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Serve as the go to person for all chef volunteers. Assist volunteers and chefs with...0/1Over
Check-In4:30pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Will help with welcoming guest at check in and check out. Volunteers will manage computer...4/5Over
Check-In Assistant4:30pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Help with check in and out needs, retrieving guest envelopes, auction packages, and other related...2/5Over
Greeter Lead: Check In4:30pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Will serve as the go to person for questions and volunteer needs for all check...0/1Over
Live Auction Volunteer Leader4:30pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Assist Live Auction and Fund the Mission volunteers with questions or needs. Will serve as...0/1Over
Silent Auction Lead4:30pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Serve as the go to person for auction volunteer needs. Volunteer will lead the following...0/1Over
VIP Party Lead4:30pm (CT)7:30pm (CT) Serve as the go to person for volunteers in the VIP Room. Assist volunteers with...0/1Over
Check In Greeter5:00pm (CT)8:00pm (CT)Assist with greet guest after check in and aid in locating guests seats.4/4Over
Event Greeter5:00pm (CT)8:00pm (CT) Welcome guest as they enter into the exhibits. Assist any question regarding event map details,...0/4Over
Line Greeter5:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT)Welcome guest in line and assist guests and answer check in questions.2/2Over
Live/Silent Auction Volunteers5:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Assist guest with questions regarding auction packages, ensure auction displays/stations remain clean. Help close out...1/6Over
Raffle Ticket5:00pm (CT)8:30pm (CT) Sell raffle tickets for Head/Tails game during the event. Volunteer will need to mingle with...0/5Over
Stage Lead5:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT) Serve as point of contact for stage needs. Ensure Presenting Sponsor, Mission Family, Chefs, all...1/1Over
Super Silent/ Big Board Auction Volunteer5:00pm (CT)8:30pm (CT)Assist Big Board Auctioneer with recording needs.1/2Over
VIP Greeter5:00pm (CT)7:30pm (CT)Greet VIP guest and thank them for their support2/2Over
VIP Volunteer5:00pm (CT)7:30pm (CT)Assist VIP with needs, aid in clean during VIP Party.2/10Over
VIP Volunteer: Gift Bag Distribution5:00pm (CT)7:30pm (CT)Distribute VIP gift bags, aid with area clean up.2/2Over
Clean Up Lead7:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT)Lead volunteers with clean up and tear down needs.1/1Over
Clean Up: VIP Party7:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT)Assist with VIP Party Clean Up0/2Over
Fund the Mission Recorder7:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT)Record bidder numbers called during the Fund the Mission.0/4Over
Live Auction Recorder7:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT)Distribute gifts to live auction winners and get signed forms.0/4Over
Necklace Disturbitors7:00pm (CT)9:30pm (CT)Distribute necklaces to top Fund the Mission donors.1/10Over
Clean Up: Auction8:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT) Clean up and break down auction area. Including tables, displays, and load any auction items...0/6Over
Clean Up: Chef Stations8:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT)Aid chefs and volunteers with clean up.0/4Over
Clean Up: Centerpiece9:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT)Clear tables, disassemble centerpieces and package appropriately. Load boxes into Uhaul.0/8Over
Clean Up: Tables and Chairs9:00pm (CT)11:00pm (CT)Break down tables and chairs. Stack/arrange as directed0/10Over