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The EAE SCHOOL TOUR is a non-profit organization. EAE stands for Education, Awareness, and Entertainment. We are pleased to submit this proposal for services to support the unique growing of this charities platform. We are asking for proper approval for endorsement for the school tour. We are passionate about what we believe in and we are here in the community out of good faith to help educate, bring awareness, and entertain. We are here to make a change in our youth lives and bring peace. Better opportunities that will help educated their mindsets, and help them achieve, set goals and aspirations. We have achieved promotional sponsorships through the activation of brand acknowledgment through platforms such as the community, internet and print media. We have joined forces to give the world a link to all categories of education, political, and entertainment industry. The organization was established by MSDATWAY to center on current events and showcases the independent “indie” world. Rather culture, politics, or music we tackle the current topics while providing an outlet for the talented up and coming. The “D” of DATWAY stands for (Determination), Determined to cause a change in the community and throughout the world. The “A” stands for (Ambitious), ambitiously striving to provide the consistent streaming and visual outlets for the real world of ambition. The “T” of DATWAY stands for (Totality) Totality uniting as a whole, operating in a sole pursuit of excellence. DATWAY! THE MISSION: To provide a outlet that not only touches the immediate community but forces the acknowledgement of outside influences through a plethora of media outlets. We are committed to consistently linking entertainers, politicians, educators, and the community to the media world and education. We cater to indie artists the community as their rightful platform, giving the necessary feedback to increase the acknowledgment of their brand. OBJECTIVE: Create heightened traffic to brands associated through brand acknowledgement. Create and maintain a high level of creativity and original skills to drive. We are constantly researching on trending and relevant information in assisting the community and brands. Sponsors will come together to raise awareness, appreciation, support and promotion of new talent in music through this Regional tour. In conjunction with labels, media, and other sponsors will add to the "buzz" and excitement. This event will pull together resources to reach a large audience in comfortable atmosphere, which is the most effective and efficient way to reach the target market we are trying to ascertain in the series of events. OPPORTUNITY: Maintain an interactive and interpersonal relationship with businesses within communities and worldwide. Be involved socially with active groups that help determine the success of the youth in the industry. Educating the youth and creating and developing a positive impact socially and financially for those apart of the communities. THE SOLUTION: We will heighten the awareness of drugs, HIV, and bullying through creating the youth an innovative, on-going event for the community throughout the year with high levels of integrity. We will work together to build each other communities, businesses by providing the platform for advertisement for everyone. We will provide a professional, unique, authentic entertainment to the community. OUR PROPOSAL: The EAE school tour is growing remarkably quickly. We are glad to have successfully completed our first year out strongly. We are working on our community events. We must gain more community acknowledgment as we travel across the Atlanta area. We have gained a well-deserved reputation for quality customer, education, and entertainment service. However, we are faced with challenges in distribution systems, economic impacts to transportation, logistics, and limitations that prevent taking full advantage of improvements in education, funding, and community endeavors. We are asking for your support in helping provide with the necessary needs for this EAE school tour to continue to grow and assist the ambitious youth who are a part of our own community. We have strategically developed solutions to help the youth stay ahead in school and be able to provide services to the community. We work diligently in making a difference daily in the community. The difference in our non-profit is the experience and education that our team members have gained. We are guaranteed to provide the world with unique and authentic talents that can educate, bring awareness, entertain and bring joy to many. We are determined to teach and lead children in working with profitable, reputable businesses across the community to find solutions in providing our exceptional youth with high levels of positivity, education, and entertainment and service platforms. Our proposal aligns with your cities, schools’ mission and goals being that ultimately, we all are in business to assist our community in economically thriving to lead and teach our youth. We will accomplish this mission by hosting multiple events at schools across Atlanta, initially and spread across the South, which will result in expanding to other coasts around the United States. We would like to coincide with your mission in working together to do profound events while supporting our neighborhoods. This collaborative act will multiply resources. The EAE School Tour purpose is to promote positive attitude about school. While providing an educational, and media outlet. While promoting awareness, and getting the community involved. Our mission is to change the youth mindset and perspective about education and entertainment. The EAE tour is here to help motivate and inspire the youth to go after their true callings and dreams. While letting them know the community is behind them rooting for them. And to show the staff, students, and community a good time providing motivational speaking for all ages. The tour will provide the educational outlet with hands on practical skills. EAE also encourage students and staff to get involved and work together toward a united and common goal–promoting and supporting the school, youth, and community. This gives the students a common objective, encouraging positive thoughts towards the school, community and their fellow classmates. To Conclude: As an inspiring leader with the vision that is set in place, we are asking for the assistance set forth in helping obtain the right documentation to aide in the EAE school tour to move forward in helping push the vision of empowering and impacting a younger generation pushing them to their next dimension about their support because of the way they are being catered to. This is an excellent way to build a stronger customer base that will be repeat customers due to excellent customer treatment and satisfaction. If you are involved with the event it will be the best thing for your company due to what is mentioned in this proposal. We are guaranteeing ultimate customer satisfaction along with maximum exposure of products to consumers, to participants and non-participants alike. Education: • Importance of Economics, Finance, health, • Importance of Time Management • Importance of Education • Importance of Health and Wellness • Career Day Awareness: • Importance of Life Skills • Sex Education • Bullying Panel • Social Media Panel • Suicide Panel Entertainment: Talent Show • Dance Contest • Concert • Pep Rally
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