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Spend a couple hours each week helping us keep the books on our library shelves in the correct order and looking neat and tidy. You will be assigned a beginning point to “shelf read” (check the alphabetical order of the books and correct any that have been shelved in the wrong place), “front” the books on the shelves (bringing all the spines to edge of the shelf so the books are uniformly arranged), and dust the books and shelves as needed. This may seem like a trivial job, but it is vital to the smooth operation of the library. If our books are not where they should be or the shelves are not neat and orderly, our staff and patrons will have a very difficult time finding the books they need. In order to be assigned to this position, the applicant will need to pass a simple alphabetizing test. Germantown Community Library is eager to find volunteers whose dedication to reading, literacy and their commitment to the community will inspire them to be library volunteers for at least 6 months at a time. These are weekly shifts. When volunteering for this position, you will be volunteering to work the same day and time each week. But we are very flexible and understand if your schedule needs to change from one week to the next. If you have any questions about this position, please email Nancy Hixson at

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