Read901 Reading A-Z Assessor Training

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:15pm (CT)


Join a county-wide effort to help our elementary students read at grade level.

Throughout the year, organizations around Shelby County provide out-of-school (summer & after-school) time programs for elementary students. Research and experience tells us students can benefit from a variety of engaging programming--including academic. Literacy Mid-South collaborates with a network of partners to support meaningful literacy programming.

We are looking for volunteers to assess elementary students on their reading skills. No education experience necessary. Anyone who likes kids can be a great assessor.

We assess the students who attend our partners' programs seasonally (fall, winter, summer, spring). These assessments help to tell the successes of programs these students participate in, and point to the next steps we and our partners can take. They also ensure that students are reading materials enjoyable for their reading skills. 

This event is a required training for volunteers interested in helping to conduct Reading A-Z Assessments as assessors. The training is a two hour commitment. Once trained, we look for assessment volunteers just four times a year, for two week periods. You will spend time with elementary students across the county helping to ensure that they are reading material they can enjoy.

If you are interested in helping children directly, if you are interested in promoting literacy in our county, or if you believe in the power of a strong education, this is the right opportunity for you--we need you.

Registering for this Reading A-Z assessor training will allow you to volunteer with many of our community partners.

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Age Limit
18 and up
On completion of this training, participants will become Read901 Certified RAZ Assessors allowing access to volunteer opportunities across the Read901 network.
Having completed a few assessments myself, interacting with the students is a big perk. Many of them are excited for the attention and love reading to adults. It's an instantly rewarding experience & a big mood booster.
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We are located in Playhouse on the Square on the fourth floor.

Park in the adjoining Playhouse on the Square parking lot off of Union Ave. In the top, left of the parking lot is an entrance to Playhouse on the Square building. You should immediately see an elevator on entering. Taking either the elevator or the stairs located next to the elevator, go to the fourth floor. Our offices will be immediately visible.
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