Canadian Pilot - Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

The Carnegie Foundation has offered an elective Community Engagement Classification for campuses in the United States since 2006.  In 2015-2016, nine campuses in Ireland went through a yearlong process of administering the Community Engagement Classification for the purpose of self-assessment and to provide feedback on ways in which the documentation framework might need to be adapted to account for the national and cultural context. The Ireland project has informed this international Carnegie Classification pilot.

Today, two international pilot cohorts are underway in Australia and Canada, and additional cohort-based partnerships are in development. Participating campuses will benefit from insights into how other leading post-secondary institutions have been able to foster a culture of civic and community engagement throughout their organizations. Campuses within each cohort will work together as a learning community to identify needed adjustments to the existing Classification, recommend solutions and contribute to the development of a version of the Classification specific to their country/region if deemed desirable.

International Pilot - Carnegie Community Engagement Classification
This one-time participation fee covers research and administration costs as well as additional cost sharing for meeting expenses.