Senior Presentation and Shark Tank Assistant

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This week the CBHS seniors will be working to present their ‘senior projects' up until this point in the trimester in Casco Bay's Shark Tank event which they will be hosting on the Monday and Tuesday leading up to their Thanksgiving break. As part of my work this week with CBHS I will be helping the seniors reflect on the feedback which they will receive from the Shark Tank presentations to use it in a critical manner to improve or take the next steps in their senior projects. After presenting, the seniors will break off into rooms to work on their projects further, where I, along with CBHS faculty, will work one-on-one with different students over the course of the block, to help them integrate their feedback they received in their projects, and figure out the next steps going forward. As part of the senior projects, students are asked to create a self-developed project to address a certain need in the CBHS or local (Portland) community. By working with students on their projects, I will be helping them to think critically about feedback and use ideas from their peers to improve or make alterations to their projects. I will also be helping out in general with organizing and facilitating discussions in the break off rooms between students and their peers to discuss the feedback they received, and remaining after school both days to help in cleaning up the school/Shark Tank session/break out rooms after the students are dismissed early (around noon).

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