Melanated Book Drive

Saturday, December 8th, 2018 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm (CT)


Society has convinced us that we should only see visuals of people the global majority (replaces people of color) in a negative light. Community Advocacy and Healing Project believes that changing the narrative of how people are systemically oppressed and ostracized must be intentional and a community effort. We are collecting various forms of media that illustrate positive messages for people of the global majority, whether adults or youth. We would like books whether audio or physical books with characters with melanin (Black and Brown). Books should range from herstory, fiction, nonfiction, and/or healthy habits like eating, exercising, and meditation.

Our goal is to facilitate the cultivation of healing and community through learning. We are collecting 600 books and your can help us. We need your help providing books with melanated characters (Black and Brown ) to communities of the global majority in areas traditionally underserved and under resourced. Our goal is to collect a total of 600 books by December, 9, 2018. We would like to distribute 300 books to adults and 300 books to youth and young adults through public housing communities. You, your organization, spiritual, social or athletic group can assist as a volunteer to assist us organize and distribute books, and/or act as a community sponsor for the event. 
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