YRCC Community Outreach Volunteering

Last date was Friday, December 27th, 2019 from 10:00am to 12:30pm (CT)


The Yvonne Richardson Community Center is a hub for youth programming, but we also serve families and adults in the community through food recovery and various other programs. This volunteer opportunity has been created to allow volunteers to help us fill in the gaps between the YRCC and the community. 

Programs and Activities you may assist with while volunteering:

Food Recovery
We partner with the Volunteer Action Center at the University of Arkansas and Feed Communities to redistribute healthy food into the community to those who are in need. 

We need assistance with setting up the food we receive, signing individuals in, and helping them carry food to their vehicles.

This program has been extremely important to getting healthy produce into the homes of families who may not otherwise have access to such items, and help reduce food waste in Fayetteville.

Door-to-Door Outreach

One thing that we are committed to here at the YRCC is ensuring that everyone in the community around us, particularly a mile radius around our building, is informed and feels welcomed into our building and our programs. 

This is a new effort that we are piloting to utilize volunteers within the community to pass out flyers and information to those around us, as well as collect information from those who are interested in programs so that they may stay up-to-date. 

We need assistance going door-to-door to deliver information regarding our current and upcoming programs, collecting information from community members, and spreading awareness for our programs within the community. 

General Tasks

As we come into contact with projects and tasks that need to be completed, we use our volunteers to help us get those things done. 

We may need assistance with general cleaning and upkeep, organization, data entry, etc., all of which you may be asked to assist with. 
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Age Limit
16 and up
Facility is only a 5min drive from campus. We also have snacks, coffee, and tea available in our office for volunteers.
Parking Details
free parking in front of building
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