Officiate for 2019 Blue Lobster Bowl high school ocean sciences competition at MIT

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 from 9:25am to 4:30pm (ET)


Help Run the 2019 Blue Lobster Bowl (BLB) Foster enthusiasm for learning by officiating: keep score, keep time, run, judge rules, judge science, grade written team responses, or organize the science room and update the electronic scoreboard/google spreadsheet WHEN Competition: Saturday, 3/2 9:25 AM to 3:30, 4:30, or 6:30 PM Blizzard Postponement Day: Sunday 3/3 (If the 3/2 competition is postponed to 3/3 due to severe weather, the BLB will let you know by Friday 3/1.) Commitment for BOTH 3/2 and 3/3 required for all volunteers. Training/Practice Sessions at MIT except on 2/25: Saturday, 2/23, 3:30-5:30pm at MIT Sunday, 2/24, 9:30-11:30am Sunday, 2/24, 12noon-12:45pm for dual 2/23 NSB volunteer officials only Sunday 2/24 evening conference call (for science room graders only) Monday 2/25, 3-5pm at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Tuesday 2/26 6-8pm Tuesday 2/26 8:30-10:30pm WHY Support 150 high school students who are interested in and knowledgeable about the natural world by staffing the National Ocean Sciences Bowl "Blue Lobster Bowl" (BLB) regional competition, a fast-paced, one-day competition among up to 24 teams from MA high schools Topics include the biology, chemistry, geology, physics, history, and economics of the ocean as well as ocean-related current events. The winning team will compete in the national finals in Washington, D.C., in April. For more background, visit This is a fun, fast-paced competition which more than 500 PMD volunteers have enjoyed helping in these critical roles since 1999. It takes 80+ volunteers to staff 12 competition rooms for 24 teams, keeping time, keeping score, and judging rules*, moderating**, plus grading*** team responses. Each volunteer will receive a free t-shirt, snack, and lunch. Time-keeping, score-keeping, runner, and science room organizing volunteers need NO science/ocean knowledge, just successful completion of training/practice session and keen attention to detail, positive attitudes toward all competitors and schools, and attentive patience during down times while questions are being challenged/graded and between rounds. We will need 20+ experienced volunteers to help until 4:30pm to officiate for the semifinal rounds, and then 10 out of the 20 to stay and officiate for the championships rounds. We also need qualified (i.e., ocean science backgrounds/careers) Science Judges/role models in the competition rooms, as Science Room Graders for the written Team Challenge responses as well as scientific challenge resolution, and helping with science challenge. Qualified = OCEAN science or OCEAN engineering education, career, and/or experience. Most volunteers MUST PREPARE for and PARTICIPATE FULLY in at least one, 2-hour, 2019 training/practice session so that they are able to demonstrate full function with no errors during this high-intensity competition. The only exception are 2/23/19 Northeast Regional Middle School Science Bowl volunteer officials, for whom a 45-minute "differences" session will be offered 2/24/19, 12:00-12:45pm at MIT. Even if you have volunteered for or participated in NOSB, BLB, or another quiz bowl or science competition, you must actively participate in training in order to familiarize yourself with the rules & regulations and to demonstrate your mastery of the science judge, rules judge, timekeeper, and/or scorekeeper role(s). Training Exceptions: -Science graders must participate in a 20-minute conference call to be scheduled on Sunday 2/24 evening, to be scheduled based on doodle/majority available. -We prefer runners who cross-train as time- and scorekeepers, but will accept dedicated runners available on both 3/2&3 but unable to attend a training/practice session. The 2019 Blue Lobster Bowl is hosted by MIT Sea Grant, and PMD is in charge of the entire competition, competitors and volunteers alike. This is a fragrance-free and nut-free event. Volunteers may not use/wear scented hair/face/hand/body/clothing products, including soaps and lotions, nor bring, consume, or wear/apply anything containing nuts. *Only experienced volunteers, past competitors, and volunteers with legal backgrounds serve as primary rules judges, given the complexity of the rules and fast pace of this competition. **Only experienced volunteers and past competitors who have volunteered at least one year in another capacity generally serve as moderators given the complexity of this role. New moderators must participate/audition in TWO (2) training/ practice sessions in order to be considered for this role. ***We particularly need and encourage past competitors and ocean science and engineering educators and graduate students to work as a team to grade written team responses and to resolve scientific challenges rapidly. HOW Get involved! Volunteers run this entire competition. Apply asap before 2/7 at Please apply online only when you can definitely commit to both the competition and snow dates and at least one training session. We particularly welcome high school teachers and student volunteers considering forming their own, future BLB teams, but we cannot accommodate groups, so each individual member of a group/team/family must register him-/her-self separately. Incomplete applications cannot be considered, even if you have previously volunteered. No partial participation can be accommodated for this competition. This means that we canNOT accommodate any late arrivals or earlier- than-scheduled departures. After you apply, you will see a confirmation screen AND receive a confirmation email message. Then PMD will email your role(s) and specific details the week before training, including directions to MIT by public transit and by car, checklist and homework on how to prepare, map, and a waiver. Then a few days before the competition, PMD will email final details about the competition day.
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