Adapted Aquatics - Monday Group 2 (no class April 1)

Monday, March 4th from 3:55pm to Monday, April 29th, 2019 4:25pm (ET)


 Did you know that the TR program in Parks and Recreation is one of 3 in the state that is part of a parks division.  The LFUCG TR program has been serving people with disabilities for over 50 years.

Adaptive Aquatics is scheduled for Monday afternoons beginning March 4 through April 29. Adaptive Aquatics is one of the most popular TR programs and participants enjoy the pool time immensely.  This is a one on one opportunity where each volunteer assists a swimmer as lessons occur. Being in the water and near the participant is the primary task to  perform and it is critical for some of the swimmers to have the security.  Volunteers who have had experience with water safety instruction may be familiar with techniques used during lessons; however such experience with is not required! Five (5) volunteers are needed per class and having the same volunteers throughout the course assures continuity, trust and confidence  in TR participants.

 Qualifications for Volunteers

Minimum age 18

Sincere desire and interest in working with children, youth and adults with disabilities


Dependable and prompt.

Ability to interact with participants appropriately.

Ability to carry out duties as assigned

A Parks Waiver must be signed and a records check completed before volunteering begins.

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