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MBCC - Jesus Loves Memphis 2017

Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Stacey Trotter

I helped with coordinating the food and volunteers at MPD Block Party. Overall, it went pretty smooth. In the future, I think it would have been very helpful to know if I had people with culinary experience. I had those grills unmanned but we put it together and made it work with the people there. Also, we had chicken frozen solid & it would have been very beneficial to have it thawed or marinated beforehand to ease our cleanup process. It would have been super helpful to have had coffee. Coffee and hot beverages was the #1 thing MPD officers and volunteers were asking for given temps were in 30s this morning. We went and got coffee and used the venue pot and made it work. The muffins and granola bars were not a hit for alot of people. I think a hot breakfast on such a cold morning would have been so nice for volunteers, vendors, and police. The staging area in the back hallway worked well and made cleanup flow quicker. There probably should have been food signs pointing to the food. We had people stopping midway through that didnt know food was out there for them so we got a rush last minute trying to wrap up.

Gave 6.50 hours on 10/28/2017
Jana Kinkle

I feel very blessed to have been a part of the MBCC JLM/Serve Tour and serving as one of the coordinators. The volunteers were very excited about going outside the 4 walls of the MBCC worship center to serve and pray for others. I feel we really demonstrated "LOVING WITHOUT LIMITS!

Gave 6.00 hours on 10/28/2017
Helen Yvette Sain
Angela Harris
Michael Jackson