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2017 Cow Paddy Run

Friday, March 17th, 2017
Event Set-upFri, Mar 17, 1:30PMFri, Mar 17, 4:30PMAssist with marking course, setting up event tents, tables, signs, etc.2/8Over
Registration AssistantFri, Mar 17, 3:45PMFri, Mar 17, 6:15PMHelp with handing out race packets, timing chips, race numbers, and handling day of registrations6/6Over
Parking AssistantFri, Mar 17, 4:00PMFri, Mar 17, 6:15PMAssist with directing vehicles on where to park for the event, ensure safety of patrons and drivers2/6Over
Aid/Water Tent AssistantFri, Mar 17, 4:45PMFri, Mar 17, 7:15PMHelp to hand out water, keep water jugs and cups ready for runners, assist with injuries if needed. CHEER!4/5Over
Food Service CoordinatorFri, Mar 17, 5:00PMFri, Mar 17, 7:30PMCoordinate food service for runners including food pick up, food tent set-up and maintenance, food distribution, and clean up.0/5Over
Finish Line AssistantFri, Mar 17, 5:15PMFri, Mar 17, 7:15PMHelp to remove chips from runners shoes, assist timing company with other duties as need.4/8Over
Race Course AssistantFri, Mar 17, 5:15PMFri, Mar 17, 7:15PMBe stationed along the course during the race to ensure safety, direct runners on where to go, cheer for participants!5/8Over