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It's no secret that Tecaboca has been my (Kay Tally-Foos') passion for even longer than I have worked at the wonderful place. But now, with COVID 19-first round, SNO-VID (the big freeze in February), and now COVID-19-second round, we are getting to the place that I'm really starting to sweat the future of Tecaboca. We've deferred maintenance, not replaced staff that quit, and generally done all we can to serve people, save money, and wait out the pandemic. But, some things need to be fixed, we need help keeping the gates open and not overwork the staff that is here, and we need to secure the future! Please support my campaign, TECABOCA FOREVER so that as we plan to celebrate 85 Years of Marianist Youth Camps next year, we can be sure of the next 85 years!