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We are working to solve the following problem: The lack of information, access, and deliberately organized delivery of affordable, practical, local, and environmentally sustainable sanitary pads to poor urban and rural women and school girls, leading to short- and longer-term economic and social losses that perpetuate a cycle of gender inequality. To do this, we are: 1) Producing and distributing locally-made, environmentally-friendly sanitary pads for school girls. All products are locally made from Banana fruit; Banana Leaf, Banana Peels and Banana Fibers. 2) Leveraging women's groups as our distribution channel to help penetrate the informal market while offering transitional employment for low-income women. 3) Lobbying governments for better educational and environmental policies 4) Offering a Gap Year programme (see "Opportunities for Youth" 5) Working in Uganda and Tanzania with Empowerment Clubs for girls and boys ages 6-12 and 13-18 to educate youth on issues relating to health and hygiene, sexuality and reproductive health, self-esteem and decision-making, peer pressure and drug abuse, etc. 6) Creating an on-line map for the purpose of coordinating sanitary pad distribution and collecting school statistics each term and enable real-time data to influence policy-making in Uganda and Tanzania 7) Continuing to look for African innovations to help address poverty in creative ways