Apple Seeds Inc.



We believe that every child should have the opportunity to love healthy foods. We believe that if given the skills and knowledge necessary to have a more active role in their food choices children will desire to become proponents for their health. 

Apple Seeds is a non-profit organization based in Fayetteville, AR that is ambitiously reconnecting our students with garden grown food. Our mission is to inspire healthy living through garden-based education. Our programs increase access to healthy foods in a positive atmosphere, empower students with knowledge and skills, and inspire students to grow and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Apple Seeds partners with NWA schools and community organizations to establish activities that serve students and their families, such as school garden education, field trips to the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm, student-run farmers markets, and Farm to Table cooking classes. These hands-on, educational programs empower students with skills to grow their own food, inspiring them to make healthy food choices that positively impact their lives.
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