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Capital City Village is an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to helping seniors stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible, a concept called aging in place and community. We achieve this mission through volunteers, providers and programs.

Vision Statement
A community of seniors creating a virtual village to enable aging in place with dignity, health, fun and social interaction.

Member Services
CCV volunteers help with transportation, errands and companionship; providers help with professional projects and services like roofing, plumbing and home healthcare–all licensed professionals who often offer discounts to CCV Members; and programs are free or low-cost and designed to keep members connected to all Austin has to offer, from educational to cultural to healthy outings and events.

The Virtual Village and Aging in Place and Community
The members and volunteers of Capital City Village, a “virtual” village, have joined together in pursuit of a common goal – to live safely and comfortably in our own homes and communities while remaining healthy and active. We are building a community of helpers who aren’t necessarily your friends or relatives, whom you don’t mind calling because they are your fellow members and you’re not “putting them out.”

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