A project of the Travis County AgriLife Extension office, 4-H CAPITAL inspires youth to develop into inquiring scientists, citizens of character, partners in service, and engaged community members through participation in project-based learning experiences and collaborative community involvement.

During the 2013-2014 school year, 4-H CAPITAL served nearly 2200 students at 39 elementary and middle school campuses across AISD and DVISD. Our members serve at-risk youth during afterschool by providing hands-on, project based science programs in five core areas (Animal Science, Youth Gardening, Natural Resources, Engineering, and a wildcard curriculum). Members develop semester unit plans for each of their lead classes using a combination of predetermined lessons and lessons they create. For more information about our curriculum, visit our website at ww.4-HCAPITAL.org.

We are a team of 32 members and 13 staff, and have both Full Time and Half Time member positions available. Full Time members serve 40-42 hours per week (9am-6pm Mon-Fri), and lead teach 3-4 classes per week. Half Time members serve 20-25 hour per week (1pm-6pm Mon-Thurs, 1pm-5pm Fri) and lead teach 2 classes per week.
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