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HI Thomas! Thank you for posting the reply you received from the City - and thank you for your clean up! From everything I have heard the city's plan is to increase trash containers and increase signage. While these are great first steps, they do not begin to solve the problem at the heart of this issue which is simply the area cannot sustain the amount of visitors it gets every weekend. What is the City's plan to limit the amount of traffic that the park sees? This is the issue I am taking to everyone who will listen to me.
I was very happy to see APD out at the park this weekend, but there were only two patrol cars, compared to the hundreds (thousands? Did anyone else see 360 on Sunday afternoon?) of people at the park. I saw TWO ground fires and there were multiple trucks parked in the creek near the low water crossing.
I am going to invite someone from Gallo's office to meet me at the park this weekend. It just doesn't seem like anyone understands how much exponentially worse it gets every weekend.
Hi, I just received this response from the City:

CAF #9853 – Email Response
Citizen: Thomas Nelms
June 17, 2016
Email: thomas.nelms@sbcglobal.net

Dear Mr. Nelms,
Thank you for your email concerning the litter and the need for sign in Spanish at Bull Creek Park. On behalf of Council Member Gallo, please allow me to respond.
Parks and Recreation Grounds Maintenance staff is currently servicing Bull Creek Park Monday through Thursday with two employees; and we have adjusted our weekend schedule to try to service Bull Creek Park twice daily as well. To deal with the increase in litter, the Parks and Recreation Department has added more trash receptacles and is seeking funding to hire more staff for this area. Staff is also working to put up signs in Spanish to notify patrons on how and where to dispose of trash.
In addition, the Park Rangers Division will increase directed patrols to address off-leash dogs, parking and litter. The Park Rangers are also launching a larger marketing effort that will be focused on positive trail ethics and responsible park usage.
Again, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. Should you have any further questions, please contact Alberto Perez, Parks Grounds Manager at 512-974-9593 or email alberto.perez@austintexas.gov.

Sara L. Hensley, CPRP, Director
Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Cc: Council Member Sheri Gallo, District 10
Marc A. Ott, City Manager
Bert Lumbreras, Assistant City Manager
Marty Stump, RLA, Assistant Director, Austin Parks and Recreation Department
How do you recommend we get #4 moving?