Zone Blitz



To create a sustained system for lifting people out of poverty by creating an environment whereby neighbors from throughout the community work together to address challenges and create opportunities

  • We will work alongside the community, rather than imposing projects or actions onto the neighborhoods or present as if “we” are trying to help “them.” 
  • Our focus will be resident-centric, meaning that every decision will take into account the wants and needs of the residents first and foremost.
  • We will focus on systemic, sustainable change. 
  • We will recruit/create new leaders in the community.
  • We will measure and publicize results.
  • We will find ways to incentivize participation (through education and/or $)
During the 18-Month Zone Blitz implementation, we will ... 
  • Address the top priorities from the Community Listen tour, but also address other stated issues/problems as able.
  • Use a “barn raising” model – everyone will need to contribute and work together to “move the needle” on community priorities and other “neighborhood health indicators” - Engage the business, faith, medical, education and non-profit service communities in plan development and implementation.
  • Capitalize on existing neighborhood pride; build on this strength by engaging neighborhood residents in solutions.
  • Stress the importance of this project to all Springfield citizens via a broad-based community education campaign.
  • Focus the investment of City funds in the areas identified during the Community Listen Tour to improve these and other “neighborhood health indicators.”
  • Address the Zone 1 “food desert” and encourage/incentivize community gardens.
  • Develop/Expand programs focused on assisting children in poverty.
71 People | 22 Impacts | 84 Hours