Urban Creeks Council



The restoration projects we implement are designed to preserve the natural form and function of creeks, increase biodiversity and habitat for native species, and serve as a recreational and educational resource for the public. Our projects are funded through grants from federal and state agencies as well as private foundations. Foundation grants and donations support many of our local programs and riparian advocacy activities. UCC advocates low-cost, effective methods of bank stabilization and revegetation using geotechnical soil-bioengineering techniques, or plant-based systems, for stream bank and slope restoration. Soil-bioengineering provides both immediate and long-term slope protection and erosion reduction, while California native riparian plants offer excellent wildlife habitat.

In addition to our hands-on restoration work, UCC works to educate citizens and agencies about creeks, and advocates for creek protection through public process.

The Urban Creeks Council (UCC) implements both specific restoration projects, as well as ongoing programs for creek restoration and education.

Urban Creeks Council thanks the San Francisco Foundation, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, and the Mary A. Crocker Trust for their support as well as the friends and supporters who make our work possible.

Mission: The mission of the Urban Creeks Council is to preserve, protect, and restore urban streams and their riparian habitats. UCC works with regional and local creek, watershed and conservation organizations, neighborhood groups, minority organizations, environmental restoration professionals, ecologists, agencies and officials to accomplish goals and implement projects related to the shared benefits of natural streams.
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