Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, Inc.



The Original Social Enterprise -- and Growing.

100% nonprofit and local. Goodwill is an embedded social enterprise, meaning that our social programs and our business activities are one and the same. We hire the people we serve; more than half of current SFGoodwill team members once sought our services and have grown with us.

Our mantra at SFGoodwill is to "See the good and grow it." We see the good in everyone who crosses our doorstep by helping them achieve their full potential. We see the good in everything that’s donated to us by maximizing its value in the marketplace. We plow the resulting "profit" right back into serving more people and growing our businesses. We believe nothing and no-one should go to waste.

Innovative Programs and Services


A partnership with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the Family Services Agency, Back on Track provides an alternative to jail for first-time, nonviolent drug offenders.


This six-week program connects at-risk young adults (ages 18-24) with training programs, education and services to help them transition to paying jobs.


Free and open to anyone, this Goodwill-operated Comprehensive Access Point (CAP) center offers a place to look for job openings, connect with employers, use a computer to look for work, attend workshops on resume writing and interviewing, join job clubs and more. Federally funded through the City of San Francisco, the Goodwill CAP receives over 25,000 visits per year.

Goodwill Not Landfills

In a given year, SFGoodwill diverts more than 20 million pounds from local landfills -- the equivalent of 15 football fields. Giving donated items a second (or third) life through Goodwill harvests maximum value from every consumer product our economy produces before it is salvaged or buried as landfill.

Mission: We create solutions to proverty through the businesses we operate.
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