Art Forces is a new arts organization developing from decades of local and international arts and activism. The artistic director and leading organizer is Dr. Susan Greene, acclaimed artist, activist and psychotherapist. Break the Silence, the organization that is being re-branded as Art Forces, has been a leading art, eco and social justice organization for over twenty years with major work in Palestine; Lebanon; Olympia, WA and San Francisco Bay Area.

Projects include interdisciplinary public art, community murals, media, research on creativity, trauma and resilience and activism.

Art Forces works across movements, using culture to create alliances as well as perceptual 'ruptures’ or 'disturbances’ wherein people have the opportunity to experience unexpected connections and to imagine new possibilities. Art Forces works in partnership with a wide range of organizations, including mental health, environmental justice and cultural programs in Middle East and USA. The ultimate goal is to use culture and organizing to bring people together across movements to work for social change. Our cultural products are made available for activists and organizers to use in order to reach people.

Please check for history of work.

Please contact Susan Greene @ 415-271-0576,

Mission: Art Forces/Break the Silence Media and Arts Project works in the intersection of trauma, memory, creativity, resilience and resistance, making visible the connections between struggles for social justice globally and histories that have been obliterated or forgotten. The project aims to engage the public on multiple levels to create potential spaces for critical thinking and action that advances progressive social change.
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