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College Access Career Readiness



The College Access and Career Readiness Program (CACR) is one of Netter Center’s University Assisted Community School (UACS) programs, focusing on the college access and success of public high school students in West Philadelphia. CACR’s mission is to help students in West Philadelphia to successfully prepare for and connect with postsecondary pursuits that will positively impact their lives and their community.


Junior Jump Start: Juniors who want to attend a 2- or 4-year college are matched with Penn students. They meet once/week for 8-10 weeks, learning about the college search and application process. Students learn about college-related terminology, the connections between majors and careers, and financial aid. By the end of the program, students will have a list of the schools that they want to apply to in the fall.


College Application Coaching: Seniors who are applying to 2- or 4-year schools are matched with Penn students. They meet once/week for 8-10 weeks to work on completing at least 4 college applications by the beginning of December. During the second semester, they work on how to make the transition to college academically & socially, how to ask for help once on campus, and how to manage their money at college.


Post-graduation Support Mentoring Program (Netter Center Mentoring Program): Recent high school graduates from Sayre and West Philadelphia high school are matched with Penn student mentors. Mentors help mentees through the transition from high school to college. Mentors check-in with mentees on a bi-weekly basis to discuss topics such as study skills, social life, time management, navigating on-campus resources, etc.

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