Red Poppy Art House



The Red Poppy Art House is a working artist studio, gallery, classroom, and performance space. We are dedicated to providing an accessible and intimate experience of the arts. We are convinced that the joy and power of the arts lay in the creative process much more than in the creative product. We are committed to bringing that process into the public light. The Art House hosts interdisciplinary arts events, collaborative exhibitions, workshops, small concerts, and private parties. When it comes to an intimate experience of the arts the Red Poppy Art House is perhaps one of the most unique venues in the city. This little place (approx. 650 sq. ft.) on the corner of Folsom Street and 23rd Street in San Francisco has become a thriving center for interdisciplinary activity.

Mission: The Red Poppy Art House is a neighborhood center for the intersection of cultural and inter-generational artistic engagement located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. The Poppy is an artist-driven organization that seeks to empower and transform society by addressing current social issues that impact our community and society at large through creative processes.
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