Meador Community Garden (at Ray Kelly Park)

Welcome to our garden!  Come and join us while learning how to grow organically, creating relationships within your community, and providing food for those who need it.

GARDEN WORK DAYS -TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS at 4:30 p.m., WEDNESDAYS at 5:00 p.m., March 1 - October 31
and occasional add-on meetings as needed.

Please only harvest produce when volunteering with us on our garden work days during the growing season.  We must weigh all of our produce for funding.  We donate to local food programs, and we share the harvest with our volunteers. 

Joining Give Pulse is not required, but is appreciated so we can get an approximate count of volunteers for each session.

No smoking at the garden.
Please keep dogs away from the garden area, and on a leash.
Only harvest during scheduled meeting times.
Bring a water bottle, and wear sunscreen and a hat.

Sessions may be cancelled without prior notification when there is severe weather, heavy rains, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances.


Springfield Community Gardens (SCG) is on a mission to create gardens that strengthen neighborhoods where people grow healthy relationships, food, and community.  Meador Community Garden is a Springfield Community Garden.

Meador Community Garden's objective is to learn from and teach each other about gardening as a community group, and be able to eat and share what we grow.  Random harvesting by anyone who is not a garden volunteer is not allowed since we weigh all produce before we donate it to get funding for the upkeep of the garden.  However, anyone is welcome to come and join us on our scheduled times as listed here to help manage the garden, and they will be able to share in the harvest.  We then donate to local food programs throughout the season when available.  So come and grow with your community garden!

Meador Community Garden emphasizes organic gardening using heirloom seeds and plantings.  We utilize gardening methods such as sheet mulching, vertical/wide row/square foot gardening, three sisters, raised beds, composting, crop rotation, winterizing, and companion planting.

Community members and any other interested persons are always welcome to come by on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30 p.m., and Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. to meet with us.  We would love to share gardening tips, tricks and ideas with you!

Happy Gardening!
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PLEASE CHECK WITH US BEFORE DUMPING ANY SOILED HAY OR OTHER GARDEN MATERIALS. If you have hay, straw, or other animal bedding, please let us know before dumping it onto the garden so we can determine if it is needed.
PLEASE CHECK BEFORE CUTTING DOWN ANY GARDEN PLANTS!! We always welcome volunteers to meet with us at our meeting times, and garden chores can be provided on your own time if we plan ahead. Recently, someone cut down all of our 2nd year asparagus spears and fern growth. The second year of asparagus is to be harvested lightly, if at all, and the fern growth is to be left alone until the fall when it turns brown. Other plants have been pulled, also, which were to be left to grow. Please help us by letting anyone you see in the garden know that we would like them to come to our scheduled meetings so the won't unintentionally pull out plants that should be left to grow.