Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership



Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership (RMC2C) is a coalition of cross-sector partners who are focused on using a rigorous approach to get better results for young people. RMC2C is convened on one simple principle: Those who care about a community’s youth — from parents and educators to civic leaders and local employers — can accomplish more by working together than by working apart. RMC2C is part of a national movement that is breaking down barriers, changing systems, and improving outcomes for youth, their families, and the community as a whole. 

This network has adopted a nationally recognized collective impact framework that provides a process for setting common goals, improving outcomes and expanding opportunities for every young person through guiding principles and a continuum of quality benchmarks. RMC2C partners have committed to ensuring ALL youth succeed so that they enter the workforce with the skills and credentials needed to support themselves and their families and are holding each other accountable for getting results.

RMC2C is supported by a staff, referred to as The Backbone, that is largely behind the scenes yet serves as a catalyst for achieving community level progress. This includes engaging the community to ensure critical voices are heard, working across sectors to create a shared vision and holding local partners accountable for results. The Backbone consists of a team of strategists, data experts, project managers, continuous improvement experts who are trained on the rigorous outcomes focused approach. This team solely exists to ensure the collective work moves forward and holds an unwavering focus on results.

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