What is Hosting?

Hosting entails inviting an international high school student to live in one’s home and experience life in America with their family. Ayusa host families will offer a high school student the opportunity to study in an American high school, experience a new culture, build lifelong friendships and develop language and leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Who can Host a Student?

There is no such thing as a "typical" Ayusa host family. Regardless of the location of a family’s residence or the size of their family, they are invited to host an Ayusa international student. In the past host families have included:

Two parent families with young or school aged childrenSingle parent families with or without childrenEmpty nesters with grown childrenYoung couples without children

Host Family Responsibilities

An Ayusa host family is responsible for providing:

A safe, warm and nurturing environment for their international student for either a full academic year or fall semesterA private or shared bedroom (with a host sibling of the same gender)Three meals a dayNecessary transportation

Benefits of Hosting a Student

Hosting a foreign exchange student is a rewarding and life enriching experience for American families for a variety of reasons:

Introducing your family to a new culture and languageGrow closer as a family as you help an international student experience a new communityExperience the joys of having a new family member to lovePractice hospitality and generosity with your own familySupport diversity and cross-cultural understanding in your own homeIncrease cultural awareness within your communityCreate an international friendship that lasts a lifetime

Receiving Local Support from Ayusa

Ayusa host families are assigned a local Community Representative (CR) who will support their family and student for the entire program. The Community Representative is supported by a team of Regional and National Ayusa staff who are available 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

Mission: Ayusa is a non-profit youth exchange organization which offers students ages 15-18 the opportunity to live with volunteer host families and study in local high schools for an academic year or semester. It is our belief that exchange offers a uniquely rich personal experience for our students, volunteer families, host high schools and local communities around the world.
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