Springfield Brewing Company Cycling's Bike Repair/Rental Shop at the Fairbanks


Monday night is Mechanics night.  You need to be able to work on bikes or at least want to learn quick how to work on bikes.  Not major repairs - but changing out tubes, cleaning chains, other basic work.  More experienced than that?  We need and can use you too.

Wednesday nights are open to the public.  You don't have to be a bike mechanic to volunteer on Wednesday nights - just able to help folks find a bike/helmet, etc.  

$25 an adult bike, $15 a kids bike.  Kids can also trade in a bike - one a year.  Kids can also volunteer to earn a bike (4 hours - two bike shops essentially).  Adults cannot volunteer to earn a bike, unless pre-approved by management. (We had a huge problem with this population stealing equipment/tools last year.  If an adult wants a bike - they almost always will need to pay $25 for one.)  Also - repeat requests for bike service/repair will be $10 each time (first request is free).

The SBC Cycling Community Bike Shop at the Fairbanks is intended to help kids with basic repair and biking skills, and adults with transportation issues.  The shop will be open to the public on Wednesdays (6-8 pm) from April through September.  Monday nights will be mechanics night, dedicated to just getting bikes ready for sale (not open to the public). 

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I've signed up for the May 3, 2021 mechanics night. I have a meeting every Monday and cannot attend mechanics night. Do you have any other times during the week when I can volunteer to work on bikes? John Hubers, phone number: 209.480.7878. Thank you.