Adopt A Special Kid (AASK)



Would you like to be excited about being a catalyst for changing the life of a foster child? Or help a family be able to adopt the child they’ve been waiting for?AASK - Adopt a Special Kid, is the first foster/adoption agency in California to advocate that all children are adoptable - children that are older, part of a sibling set or have some kind of physical or emotional challenge, and to change the paradigm of who could be an adopting parent - single, a renter, from the LGBT community, or older.

We are celebrating 40 years of successfully placing more than 3,400 children into loving, stable, permanent families.

AASK provides free informational workshops, training, and certification for prospective parent(s) seeking to foster or adopt through the California Foster Care System.

Mission: AASK believes that every child has the right to a safe, stable, and nurturing home and that all children are adoptable. AASK America provides education and support services to adoptive and foster families and children. We also promote positive changes to benefit children who are in the child welfare system.
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