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Wild Equity Institute



The Wild Equity Institute is a new, vibrant, and innovative organization that unites grassroots conservation and environmental justice groups in campaigns that build a healthy and sustainable global community for people and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth.

We accomplish this by working on projects that highlight and redress the inequitable relationships across our human communities while improving our relationship to the lands in which we live. In the process we strive to build a more diverse, resilient, and powerful movement for social change than any one movement has been able to create alone.

Examples of our work include:

Restoring Sharp Park. Sharp Park is a wetland owned by the City of San Francisco but located approximately 15 miles south of the City in coastal Pacifica, CA. For many years, San Francisco has been draining the wetland to operate a golf course on the land, but the golf course is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and killing two endangered species. The Wild Equity Institute is leading a broad coalition of environmental, recreational, and community justice groups urging San Francisco to transfer management of Sharp Park to the adjacent land owner, the National Park Service, who can create a more sustainable public park on the land that everyone can enjoy. San Francisco can then reinvest the money it saves in our neighborhood parks and community services, which have been hit hard by San Francisco's budget crisis.

Golden Gate National Parks Endangered Species Big Year. The Golden Gate National Parks contain more endangered species than any other national park in continental North America: more than Yellowstone, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks combined. The park was also created to bring National Park values closer to people who did not have the wherewithal to travel to far away national parks: one of our Nation's first environmental justice experiments. The Endangered Species Big Year is a competitve event that helps people see the Park's endangered species, take actions that will help them recover, and learn more about the important role the National Park Service's management mandates play in preserving the history, beauty, and biodiversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. Participants earn prizes for observing listed species and for taking actions that help these species recover, and build community for conservation and justice by working together to build a more sustainable relationship with these lands.

Mission: The Wild Equity Institute unites the grassroots conservation and environmental justice movements in campaigns that build a healthy and sustainable global community for people and the plants and animals that accompany us on Earth.
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