Oasis For Girls (a project of The Tides Center)



The young women and girls we serve reflect the rich diversity of the SoMa district and other neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. They range in age from 11 years to 24 years. They are Latina, African American, Asian, Arab, Pacific Islander, White, and multiracical. The majority are first generation Americans, however, many of them are also recent immigrants. Most speak languages other than English in their homes. They are all unique and often times face hardships of acculturation while striving to maintain pride within their own heritages.

Mission: Our Vision: The vision of Oasis for Girls is to cultivate generations of strong and creative women who realize their potential, live healthy lives and make a positive impact in their communities. Our Mission: The mission of Oasis for Girls is to provide a safe space where girls and young women are inspired and empowered to become strong and creative women in their communities.
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