Youth Empowered Action -- YEA Camp



Please see our website for full details. YEA is based out of San Fransisco, CA and Portland, OR although we can use volunteers in any location. We also have a camp in the Boston, MA area.

To donate to YEA, please click here. We are 100% volunteer based and your donation enables low-income campers to attend our camp.

Youth Empowered Action--YEA Camp is a non-profit camp for youth aged 12-17 who are passionate about making a difference in the world. YEA trains and mentors youth leaders working on issues of importance in the world to them, whether it be environmental issues, gay rights, peace, justice, animal rights or racial equality. YEA trains young difference-makers to really take on the issue that they care about.

YEA is a week-long sleepaway camp with activities that boost the skills and confidence of youth leaders. At Camp, the campers are all served delicious, sustainable, organic, vegan meals. YEA may be the only vegan youth camp in the country. When camp ends, the mentors who worked with the campers continue to mentor and have availability to their mentees for advice, help and support as they work on their issue in their school or community.
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