Success Center San Francisco



Our programs receive funding and support from the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, SF Police Department, Van Loben Sels/Remberock Foundation, GSS Foundation, Robert Price Family, Miranda Lux Foundation, Yoga Dana, Wells Fargo Bank, YMCA of San Francisco, Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center and a host of other private foundations and individual donors. The implementation of our programs is collaboration between Success Center SF and the following organizations: Juvenile Probation Department, SF Unified School District, Mayor’s Youth Employment and Educational Programs, Department of Public Works, Juvenile Court, Public Defender’s Office, Each One Reach One, Occupational Therapy and Treatment Program and various other community based organizations.

Mission: Success Center SF is the result of a recent merger of the Youth Guidance Center Improvement Committee and Youth For Service. Collectively, these organizations have been helping marginalized youth with a particular focus on youth on probation for nearly 75 years. Our mission is to offer an array of meaningful and successful vocational and educational services for probationary youth so that they may develop a positive self-image as well as a sense of hope and purpose for the future. We teach, guide, counsel, mentor, and offer vocational training for youth in our programs in a consistent and caring manner with raised expectations for their success.
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