Centerforce MOMS Program



The M.O.M.S Program reaches out to incarcerated women and helps them through the reentry process. MOMS is designed to assist incarcerated pregnant and mothering women reunify with their children, achieve self-sufficiency, strengthen their parenting skills, and access substance abuse treatment and services that best meet their needs.MOMS (Maximizing Opportunities for Mothers to Succeed) is a Centerforce Program that works with women in Santa Rita Jail and in the community after they have been released. Centerforce and MOMS services are client-centered. Case managers provide Parent Support Groups, Recovery Groups, and other services to women and their children in the MOMS Program. MOMS has partnered with the Alameda Sheriff's Department and Oakland Housing Authority to provide voluntary housing for women and their children in the program. MOMS provides child care and services at our office to the children in the program and hopes to begin homework help days, art workshops, and other activities.

Mission: Centerforce’s mission is to support, educate, and advocate for individuals, families, and communities affected by incarceration.
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