Red Panda Network



The red panda and its habitat are endangered due to conversion of forest to farms and pastures and by unsustainable demand for timber and fire wood. We create innovative alternatives that increase the probability of survival of red panda. We provide long-term results from the bottom up by hiring local workers and managers, and enabling local communities to create their own stream of funding from for-profit ventures, improved resource use in agriculture, forestry, and beyond. The Red Panda Network is an advocate for the creation of the PIT Red Panda Protected Forest, the world's first community-based protected area dedicated to red panda in Panchthar, Ilam and Taplejung districts of Eastern Nepal. Our flagship program, Project Punde Kundo (PPK), is the world's first long-term community-monitoring program of a wild red panda habitat.

Mission: The Red Panda Network educates and empowers local communities to serve as active partners in the conservation of wild red panda and their habitat. Our vision is to ensure the survival of the red panda and its habitat for future generations to study, experience and enjoy. We believe that humans and the red panda can coexist successfully. We value the cultural, spiritual and biological role of red panda and seek to involve local stewards and the global conservation community in a concerted effort to preserve this species. We are committed to meeting the needs of local stewards efficiently and with integrity.
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