Breast Cancer Emergency Fund



Since 2001, BCEF has been the only Bay Area organization dedicated to providing emergency financial assistance to low-income women and men battling breast cancer. Many people with breast cancer have inadequate or no health insurance. Most will be unable to work throughout their treatment, adding a huge financial toll to an already difficult struggle. BCEF's fast and early intervention prevents financial deterioration and provides a sense of security during a medical crisis. We envision a healthcare environment in which, one day, everyone will have access to the best medical care available regardless of ability to pay - and within a continuum of care safety net that eradicates fear of financial ruin.

Mission: Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF) helps low-income people battling breast cancer pay the bills when they are too sick to work. BCEF's quick and compassionate emergency financial assistance enables people in need to continue life-extending medical treatments, avoid utility shut-off, prevent eviction and keep their families together during a devestating illness.
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