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As many of you know, Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) does documentary work with students and farmworkers every year which we use during National Farmworker Awareness Week and beyond. By collaborating with farmworkers, SAF students practice the values that form the foundation of SAF’s work. While recording the stories of individuals that our society habitually ignores, they model the spirit of respect and accountability that is crucial to empowerment and real social change. Each project the students complete is an act of resistance against a status quo that ignores the voices of workers and immigrants. In the end, the perspectives of those who have uprooted their lives and risk their livelihoods to come to the United States must be heard.

This year, we wish to share with you two featured documentary videos that can be used during the week of action:
+Farmworkers Are (
+Telling My Truth: Farmworkers Share their Stories (

These videos are only a couple of minutes each, so if you get a moment, we invite you to watch them.

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Hi everyone! I wanted share SAF's social media information so that you see all of our messages throughout NFAW. Big shout out to AFOP for thinking of this and for initiating the social media exchange!

Facebook: Student Action with Farmworkers (
Farmworker Awareness Week (
Twitter: @SAFistas
Instagram: @farmworkerawareness

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