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Somebodae School of the Arts (SSA)



"SOMEBODAE" is pronounced Some-bod-day.
SOMEBODAE School of the Arts (SSA or SoArts), is a non profit, scholarship base (tuition free) Performing and Visual Arts School, open to individuals ages 14 and up of our inner-cities across the U.S., with none to advance level training in the performing and visual arts, enrollment is per scholarship via audition for the "Full Program" the "Short Program" and "Summer Program" (open to the general public with no audition or scholarship required) is a lighter version of the Full Program, it utilizes a mix & match technique of the Full Program's core curriculum. The SSA program incorporates "Integrated Arts Education." Students in the program learn the value and power of self-worth, personal discipline, innovative thinking, collaborative exploration, dedication, creativity, confidence, problem solving skills, perseverance, focus, communication and accountability. Yes, we're re-investing in our inner-cities via the Arts. The SSA experience will enhance academic education of students for their academic success while advancing the artistic skills of those training in the SSA program of their specific arts disciplines.

Mission: To consciously, consistently and constantly cultivate, educate, explore, expose and invest in our young adults and adults of our inner-cities. To offer an effective, healthy, constructive and productive association and socialization outlet. To raise their representation in programs for the gifted and talented, post-secondary education and in the arena of "gifted artist." To develop technically skilled, artistically sophisticated, intelligent artists, to name a few.