Compass Family Services



Compass Family Services is widely recognized for its superior service and proven results. Each year, it fills the diverse needs of more than 3,000 low-income and homeless parents and children. Chosen as the Best Non-Profit Organization in the Bay Area in 2006, Compass has a commitment to growth that begins with staff and extends to clients. Its investment in families helps break the cycle of homelessness for generations to come.

Deeply rooted in the community, Compass applies its vast understanding of homelessness to the challenges at hand. Compass Family Services not only helps meet needs for immediate assistance, but also moves clients toward self-sufficiency. By maintaining high, yet realistic, expectations, Compass instills a sense of pride and partnership in the families it serves.

Comprehensive programs and services provide the safety net that homeless and at-risk families need to rebound from financial setbacks and achieve long-term stability. They include:

Adult education and homelessness prevention

Compass helps parents acquire the tools and develop the skills they need to find housing stability and fulfilling employment. Parents have access to a wide range of programs that support their education and employment goals and promote self-sufficiency. Resources are also available to help families in crisis maintain stable housing with they build skills for future success.


The creation of strong relationships is at the center of Compass’ work with families. Through one-on-one and group work with skilled counselors and therapists, Compass helps families tap their inner strength in order to reach their full potential. Compass offers a wide variety of services that can meet the needs of families at any stage of their journey.

Early childhood education

At Compass, children get the best possible start in life with specialized, enriched programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. Compass also provides support, advocacy, after school programming and enrichment activities for children of all ages that participate in its six programs for families.

Housing and shelter

By providing shelter, transitional housing and quick access to permanent housing, Compass gives families the stability necessary to rebuild lives. Compass’ shelter and housing programs include intensive case management and access to the full spectrum of Compass family support services.

Mission: Compass Family Services serves families confronting poverty and homelessness by supporting their efforts to achieve stability and realize their individual potential.
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