Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc.



Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, a United Way partner agency, and is nationally accredited by the Council of Accreditation.

Values: Rooted deeply in the teachings of Jesus Christ and Catholic Social Teaching to serve each other, our services extend the ministries of the parishes throughout the distinct and diverse community of the Diocese of Dallas. In pursuing our mission, these values guide our relationships with stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, agencies, employees, clients and the communities we serve.We value:

Dignity, Respect and Compassion - For our clients, our partners and among ourselves. We value the joy of service by treating each person with dignity, respect and compassion while calling on others to do the same. Under Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic Social Justice, every person has the right to be respected and treated with dignity befitting a child of God

Professionalism and Commitment - the way we approach each task. Under Catholic Social Teaching, we are expected to act with professionalism and commitment. We represent the parishioners of the Diocese of Dallas and we act accordingly, with a commitment to the "Best, Getting Better"

Commitment:We passionately join forces with Catholic Charities USA, the Texas Catholic Conference and our sister Catholic Charities throughout Texas, the Pastoral Center, parishes of the Diocese of Dallas and other community social services partner agencies as we continue to lead the charge in North Texas to cut poverty and the destructive forces that it creates in the family and community at large.

Mission: Mission: Motivated by the teachings and love of Jesus Christ, Catholic Charities of Dallas serves, advocates for, and empowers people in need regardless of race, religion, age, gender or national origin and calls the community to action.
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