The Flower Mound Foundation



The Flower Mound Foundation

The Foundation preserves the original character of The Flower Mound site and encourages related educational, historical, scientific interests.

The Flower Mound Foundation promotes sustainable land-use practices and educates citizens of the Town about the valuable ecosystem services provided by native prairies, native plant and grass communities, beneficial insects, birds and wildlife.

The Flower Mound Foundation sponsors educational presentations and workshops, field trips and community service volunteer opportunities.

The Flower Mound Foundations records and conveys the historic significance of The Flower Mound site in the development of our community.

The Flower Mound Foundation promotes the scientific study of the native prairie community and its conservation as a natural resource.

The Flower Mound Foundation, a non-profit 501 (C) (3) corporation created on August 11, 1983, consists of a nine member Board of Trustees representing the citizens of Flower Mound.

The Flower Mound

The Flower Mound is located at 2400 Flower Mound Road, Flower Mound, Texas, on the northeast corner of the FM3040 and FM2499 crossroads.

This historic site is a 12.576-acre native Tall Grass Prairie segment of the Great American Black Land Prairie.

There are almost as many legends, interpretations, and stories, often contradictory, concerning The Flower Mound as there are bluebonnets in Texas. The very few unchallenged facts are that The Town of Flower Mound derived its name from it and that it is 650 feet above sea level, and rises 50 feet above the surrounding countryside.

Texas' eminent historian, the late A.C. Greene, believes the name, Flower Mound, was given to the rise in the 1840s because of an unusual amount of wild flowers that grew on it. This area was part of the great American Black Land Prairie that ran from Canada to the Rio Grande and from the Rockies to the Mississippi. Our immediate area, of which only 1,000 acres remain out of the original 20 million, was part of the Tall Grass Prairie. Because the early pioneer settlers used The Mound as a haymeadow and never plowed, the wild flowers were conspicuously abundant in wet springs. However, wildflowers and native prairie grasses flourish throughout the year on The Flower Mound.

Alton Bowman, Chairman of The Flower Mound Foundation, has identified more than flower and grass 175 species growing on The Mound. The history and a photographic presentation of many of these plants may be found in his book The Flower Mound - A Field Guide to the Flowers and Grasses. The book is sold at The Flower Mound Public Library for $20. All proceeds are used for the preservation and protection of The Flower Mound.

Long time resident, Otto Consolvo, spent most of his waking hours attempting to preserve The Flower Mound from property development. After many frustrating years, he and the Town Council struck a deal with a developer in 1983 to deed the 12.76 acres of The Mound in perpetuity to the Mound Corporation, a non-profit organization representing the citizens of Flower Mound. The Mound Corporation was incorporated in August 1983 and is governed by nine trustees. Its purpose is to keep the original character of the site and to promote and encourage educational, scientific, and historical interests, and to maintain and secure "The Mound". Over the years, The Mound Corporation evolved to become the Mound Foundation and now it is called The Flower Mound Foundation. Funds to accomplish its mission come from book sales, donations and from the Town of Flower Mound's Community Support Program. For more information on the Mound Foundation please contact Alton Bowman of the Flower Mound Foundation at 817.430.1976 or Tom Kirwan at 972-213-5664

Mission: Preserve the original character of The Flower Mound and sponsor works of related historic, scientific, and educational interest.
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