Orphans Guardian Angel



Orphans Guardian Angel believes the greatest barrier of freedom is education and the greatest stumbling block for equality is ignorance.

Mission: Orphans Guardian Angel is a non-profit org registered in february 2010. OGA dedicated to keep every Aids orphan child in school spreading freedom through education. OGA is committed to breaking the bonds of ignorance and empowering the human spirit to claim the power, passion, and freedom of equality to the Ophans.Through this commitment we shaped the very foundations of communities, With education we eliminate fear, poverty, and repression and replace them with the pure unending equality. OGA has managed to keep 200 orphans out of more than 1000 orphans registered under OGA in Zimbabwe. We have established Project Zimbabwe and we are providing tuition through projects which are run by the orphans and the communities of the adopted 5 schools.We have Pastoral conselling to our infected and affected orphans. OGA is not limited to keeping orphans in school we also concerned with their life after school because most of them live with guardians
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